7 Tips For Moving In The Winter

Moving is not fun at any time of the year, but it can be especially frustrating in the winter. The freezing temperatures, slippery roads and snow make it more difficult to move your belongings to your new place. However, if you plan ahead and get the right supplies, it is possible to simplify your winter move. Here are seven helpful tips for moving in the winter:

Hire Professional Movers

Working with professional movers is even more beneficial in the winter. If you hire movers to transport your belongings to your new home, you will spend less time out in the cold and reduce your risk of injury. When they move your items to the truck, you can just relax inside and stay warm.

Read more about the advantages of using professional movers and consider the services they can offer you that will make the experience smoother overall, no matter the weather.

Pay Attention to the Weather

While this may seem obvious, you may forget to watch the weather when you are busy packing your belongings. It is important to carefully monitor the weather up until the movers come to your house. Even if there were no severe weather reports in the morning, things could change. If they predict a snowstorm when you are supposed to move, it is best to reschedule your move. If you have hired movers, you should call the company and see if they can move you a different day. Most moving companies are very understanding about winter moving issues and will be happy to reschedule your move.

Protect the Inside of Your Home

When you are moving items from your house to the moving truck in the winter, you are likely to track snow and ice on the floors. You do not want to leave the home dirty when you move out, so it is important to protect the carpeting with plastic film. If you do not want to spend the money on plastic film, use cardboard.

Do Not Pack Winter Supplies

During a winter move, it is a good idea to have all your winter gear, such as shovels, salt and gloves, handy. You never know when you will need it. For example, if the walkway to your new home is blocked with snow, you can use your shovel to clear the path. If the sidewalk looks slippery, throwing some salt on it will prevent falls and injuries.

Stay Hydrated and Warm With Hot Drinks

Moving can take its toll on your body and lead to dehydration, so it is important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. A glass of water may sound unpleasant when it's cold out, so choose warm drinks like tea and hot cocoa. If you have hired movers to help you, do not forget to offer them some hot beverages; they will thank you for it.

Get Your Car Serviced

Driving conditions in the winter are much more harsh, so you should make sure your vehicle is running smoothly; this is especially important if you'll be towing a trailer behind your vehicle. At least a week before your move, get your car serviced by an auto mechanic. He or she will look at the fluid levels, check the brakes and make sure all other components are working properly. Spending a little extra money can prevent you from breaking down in the middle of your move.

Protect Your Plants

If you have any indoor plants you plan to move with you, it is important to wrap them with plastic blags. If you have bigger plants, you can cover them with garbage bags. Plants are very sensitive to the cold and can wither away if they are not protected.

Your winter move may not be a cake walk, but following these tips will at least make it easier to deal with.