5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit During Home Renovations

Planning a home renovation takes a lot of time and forethought. While you are deciding which materials to purchase and which contractors you need to hire, you should also consider where you will store your belongings during your renovation. While you may be able to shift furniture into a spare room during a renovation, there are several reasons that renting a storage unit will make your project safer, faster, and more pleasant to complete. 

Protect Your Furniture and Appliances

Home renovations can kick up a surprising amount of dust, dirt, and grime. If you have a major renovation in multiple rooms, you may want to remove your furniture and appliances from your home as opposed to relocating them to a different room or simply covering them during the project.

You should also keep in mind that burglars occasionally get information about potential targets from construction workers and other service people who are at your home for brief periods of time. If your belongings are in storage during your renovation, it will be more difficult for untrustworthy people to gain information about your lifestyle. 

Keep Your Work Space Organized 

If you have a large renovation project, it is likely that you will have tools and materials that you do not need for every step of the project. Storing these items in a storage unit while you are working gives you more space to move around your home and work without having to constantly move items out of the way. You are also less likely to misplace a package of tiles or a bag of nails if you only pull out the items you will be using each day. 

Purchase Items When They Are on Sale 

While you are organizing your renovation project, you should look for materials that are on sale to reduce your costs. If you have a small home without many storage options, you may run out of room for storing larger items.

For example, if you are renovating a bathroom and you need a place to store items such as a toilet, sink, and bathtub while you are laying tile. Instead of waiting until you are ready to place these items, you can purchase them when you find a good deal and have them ready to install as soon as your room is prepared. 

Keep Tools and Materials Safe When You Are Not Working 

Renovation sites make excellent targets for theft. This is because tools and materials, which lack identifying marks and can usually be resold easily, are often left laying out in the open. If you are not staying in your home while it is being renovated, you may be at an even higher risk for theft. 

If you rent a traditional storage unit or a mobile storage unit that can be kept in your yard or driveway, you can lock your tools and materials away more securely, making your home less likely to be targeted during your renovation. 

Inspire Yourself to Work Faster

There are a couple of ways that renting a storage unit during a renovation can inspire you to complete your renovation sooner. If you are staying in your home during your renovation but storing some of your furniture in a storage unit, you may be eager to get your furniture back so your life can continue as normal. If you simply shift your furniture out of the way, you may find that you still use it and are less motivated to finish your construction work. 

Also, since a storage unit is an added expense to your renovation, you will be motivated to finish your project as quickly as possible to reduce your costs. 

Whether you are staying in your home during a renovation or relocating for a few months, talk to a storage specialist about the benefits of renting storage space during a renovation. Learn more through resources like http://www.getepicstorage.com.